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Doritos is the main series antagonist in Five Hours at Doritos by the original creator

Goodguy78 and it's horror series by Romarn28.


Doritos looks like a normal Doritos bag suit.

His starting location.

Parts and Sevices

His behavior

Hes starts on CAM 1 Parts and Sevices then goes to CAM 2 Door

then he enters the office but he is not visible because Mtn Dew is in the lead first so he would hide,If the player aims the dorito gun at Mtn Dew,Doritos would go back to CAM 1.But If the player flips the camera too much or just once sometimes He would jumpscare the player resulting a game over.

The time he is active on

12PM to 5PM


He is based on the food you eat so if you eat him he will eat you Have fun

while sleeping with your doritos >:)

He has a golden counterpart called Golden Doritos along with the others.

He is the first object in the series

Power Out

When you run out of power in the game He will play smash bros music until he kills you resulting a game over.

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