Coro is the sixth antagonist in FHAD.

Looks Edit

He looks normal He's all orange and he has a long tail,small arms and legs.

His starting location Edit

Parts and Sevices

His behavior Edit

He starts on CAM 1 then goes to CAM 2 then hides in the office.

Getting rid of him is shooting doritos at mtn dew so he can go back to CAM 1.

Making him jumpscare you is pretty unknown but is seen inside the project.

The time he is active on Edit

12PM to 5PM

Trivia Edit

He is an orange lizard and third suit in the series.

There is an shadow counterpart of him which makes him more popular than himself Poor coro.

Thingy and coro are the only suits in the series to have tails Maybe other suits have tails too

He is a stick lizard that's why he is so sitck like

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