Mountain Dew is the second antagonist in FHAD.

Looks Edit

Mtn dew looks normal.

His starting location Edit

Parts and Services

His behavior Edit

Starts on CAM 1 Parts and Services with Doritos Sanic and Doge,then enters CAM 2 with them Door then the office When he is in Doge Sanic and Doritos are no where to be seen because they are hiding and MTN Dew is in the lead first so he would slowy run to your office Might be run faster in 2pm 3pm or 4pm/5pm Shoot doritos at him to make him go away,If not you're screwed.

The time he is active on Edit

12PM to 5PM

Trivia Edit

He is the second object in the series.

He is the only one that runs to you in the office.

He is the only one that you can shoot doritos with.

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