Gasock is the 13th antagonist in Five Hours at Doritos.

Looks Edit

He has a similar look to Thingy His right arm replaced with a blue arm without fingers same as the tail,His left arm upper left finger broken and torn off,His left leg foot replaced with a blue worm,His eyes like blue circle holes,His mouth blue with ink inside him.

His starting location Edit

CAM 1 (rarely)

His behavior Edit

When open the camera once sometimes or more He will appear on CAM 1 and kill the player So to stop him from killing you Do not open your camera for the rest of the night.

The time he is active on Edit

12PM to 5PM

Trivia Edit

He was Thingy's brother.

He rarely appears on some cameras sometimes or not.

He is a suit.

He only liked thingy in the flashback told in this wiki right now.

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