Golden Doritos is a secret ghost object suit hallucination easter egg in Five Hours at Doritos.

Looks Edit

He looks normal expect that he is golden and his nacho cheese word is now toasted corn.

His starting location Edit


His behavior Edit

He randomly appears in your office when closing your camera

To lure him away open the camera quickly before he jumpscares you resulting a game over for you,This may cause some errors sometimes because he randomly jumpscares you after getting rid of him.

He also acts very similar to Golden Freddy from Fnaf 2

The time he is active on Edit


Trivia Edit

He acts similar to Golden Freddy from FNAF 2 because he disappears must faster while Withered golden freddy disappears slower

He is more faster.

He has a secret second jumpscare similar to Golden Freddy's one from FNAF 1.

He is the third suit in the series

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