Nightmare sanic is the 15th antagonist in FHAD.

Looks Edit

He looks like a nightmare version of Sanic by the way poorly drawn but also more creepier. He is missing his left arm and his right glove is gone and the right arm seems to be a bit chopped off,His belly is pink,He has red fur or skin,He is missing he spikes and his left eye is black and his right eye has a red iris with a small black pupil,His arms are replaced with spikes. He is similar to Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey from FNATI NBD.

His starting location Edit


His behavior Edit

He acts quite similar to his original counterpart,He will jumpscare the player if he pulls the monitor once sometimes,or more. He has no location to start with.

The time he is active on Edit

12PM to 5PM

Trivia Edit

He resembles Nightmare Photo Negative Mickey from FNATI NBD

He is one of the suits to have spikes on his legs in the game.

His jumpscare sound sounds like the nightmare suits from FNATI NBD V1 and V2.

When did he get all that red fur We have no clue.

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