Sanic is the fourth antagonist in Five Hours At Doritos.

Looks Edit

He looks like a normal poorly drawn version of Sonic.

His starting location Edit

Parts and Services.

His behavior Edit

Starts on CAM 1 then CAM 2 then the office hiding, Shoot doritos at Mtn Dew to make him back off and lure him back to CAM 1.

He will jumpscare the player if he keeps fliping the camera up and down or once sometimes.

The time he is active on Edit

12PM to 5PM

Trivia Edit

He's based on Sonic the Hedgehog but is more meme like and poorly drawn

He got a hook which was revealed in FHAD 2

He is it fast but does not run in the games

Unlike his original counterpart named Sonic he's much more funnier

He is the second suit in the series

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