Recently Romarn28 is working on the remixed  game However it's not finished yet but still needs more stuff to it and characters.

But here are some few characters that will be joining the game that you'll have to avoid while playing.

By the way there are not pictures revealed so you have to wait

Here is the 4 characters: Nightmare Shadow Coro. starts on CAM 1 then goes to CAM 2 then  the Office,Shoot

doritos at him to make him go away.

Dorito Mascot, He appears in your office just press the down arrow key to put on the mask to make him go away

Shadow Coro, Open cameras to seal the unseen vents which are behind below the cameras If failed to suceed he will jumpscare the player

Soulless Doritos, He will disable the cameras if the player flips the camera once sometimes or more But will only last for a few seconds before disappearing. 

That's all folks Come back next time when finished and more info and gifs and pictures are here W.I.P

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